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The Pro

Dr. Terry is the pro, the go to person for all my chiropractic needs.
~Todd R.

Innovative Approach

Innovative approach to the practice, which I appreciate and enjoy.
~Aedward S.

Changing My Life

I can already tell the difference this is going to make in my life. Thank you.
~Cynthia S.

Great Chiropractor

Great chiropractor listened well and addressed my concerns.
~Fe Araceli F.

Excited To Continue

Thank you for the relief of pain! I could barely move and now have almost no pain. I’m excited to continue on this path!
~Carrie H.

Finally Have Hope

I finally have hope that I will get through this pain that I have been in for that past two months with treatment from Dr. Terry.
~Randi B.

Love Office And Staff

Love this office and the staff!
~Kellie S.


Very impressed with the staff and the facility.
~Dean L.

Helped Immediately

Dr. Schroeder’s office fit me in even though I was a new client. I was helped immediately and the muscle spasms went away. Thank you!
~Kristine V.


Very professional from start to finish.
~John R.

Respectful And Pleasant

I really like Dr. Schroeder’s calm, confident manner. He is very respectful and pleasant. Like the office appointments and ambiance. Beautiful surroundings.
~Sue B.

Great Atmosphere

We appreciate the doctor’s knowledge and patience when working with our children. The office was comfortable, great atmosphere, office staff was welcoming and the doctors were knowledgeable and took time to explain the treatment.
~Madelyn H.

Pain Improved Noticeably

My pain improved noticeably, after my first treatment. Sima, The physical therapy girl, went above and beyond and was kind loving and healing.
~Suzanne W.


I felt a lot better after my first visit. Dr. Bikovsky diagnosis was confirmed by others and I feel confident that his recommended treatment will help me to get better quickly.
~Bibi C.

Great Experience

This was a great experience and I felt I was getting the care I needed.
~Debra K.

Positive Atmosphere

Very positive atmosphere and just an overall pleasant experience.
~Janine T.

Great Respect

I have great respect for Dr. Lori and Dr. Terry. They have genuine dedication to helping their clients, and take very good care of them. They are also gentle and kind.
~Bren D.

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience. Thank You.
~Pavel S.

You Rock

Dr. Bikovsky was right on the mark in his fine skill in adjusting me. No BS he got right to his craft and crack crack crack. The day after I was sore as predicted but little by little I’m getting more mobility and relief. Only two adjustments now, I will be back with my back. You ROCK!
~Michael K.

Very Impressed

Very impressed with your office and how professional your staff is. Thank you Dr. Eran for your understanding my problem and taking care of it. Will be sure to recommend you to my friends!
~Shirley G.

Feeling Lucky

Dr. Terry rocks, passionate, knowledgeable, listens, and fixes! Lucky to have him. If chiropractors had an Olympics, he’d be a multiple Gold Medalist! Thanks doctor and team!
~James T.

Nothing But Good

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Terry Schroeder and his staff at Center for Healthy Living. He is caring, he listens, he explains what procedure needs to be done and follows through. I have faith in his ability as a chiropractor and I look forward to continuing my care with his pleasant office. ~Glenda B.


Dr. Eran was very good at listening and addressing my concerns. He answered all of my questions and I felt much better after his treatment. Juliana and Sima were both very good at the electro stimulation and Tamara at the front desk was very nice as well! I really appreciate the help you have given me to aid in my health.
~Michael L.


Kylela was wonderful she showed me around the office. She was a nice girl and a personality that made you feel like you had been friends for a long time. Dr. Eran Bikovsky has always been good to me and treated me with a caring attitude and most of all he listened to me in regards to my pain management. Your office is cleaned and organized along with a staff that wants to help you feel better.
~Dean K.