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How to Become a Patient

When you’re ready to explore chiropractic or wellness care we encourage you to contact our Conejo Valley office and together we will explore how Schroeder Center for Healthy Living’s approach to wellness can be your solution for a fuller, healthier and more vibrant life.

Woman calling to make a chiropractic appointment

With new patient openings throughout the day, we can arrange a consultation that works into your busy schedule.

Email Us

If you’re the cautious type, email us with your questions or concerns using the form below. We appreciate the opportunity to field questions, clear up concerns and put prospective patients at ease before their first visit.

Call Us

You don’t need a referral to begin chiropractic or wellness care. Our knowledgeable staff can field most questions over the telephone. If you want to explore a concern more privately, just ask. Contact Schroeder Center for Healthy Living today.

No-Obligation Consultation

Arrange a private consultation. Use this time to describe your health issue and share your goals. This is often helpful in determining if you’re likely to be a good candidate for chiropractic or wellness care.

The sooner you take action, the sooner we may be able to help you. Contact us and start Living in Alignment today!

New Patient Forms

We offer our new patient paperwork online so you can complete it in the convenience of your own home prior to your first office visit. Click here to download the essential new patient forms we use and to learn why we need the information requested.